Friday, July 29, 2011

Pick your own: strawberries and fresh camomile tea

We went strawberry picking the other day, to Craigie's Farm, near South Queensferry (just a few miles outside of Edinburgh). I have fond memories of occasional fruit picking as a child (I suspect I only did it once or twice), and have been meaning to take the kids for ages. We almost didn't go, as there was a family meltdown around lunchtime, but when we finally got there (at about 4 o'clock) everyone agreed that it had been worth the effort. The raspberries canes were pretty scarcely populated, but the strawberries were a bit thicker on the ground - although we still needed to do a fair bit of searching. It was fun, though, lying around on the straw rooting around between the strawberry plants and handpicking the small but perfect fruit. Although my main aim was to make some jam, after we had sorted through the fruit, we had plenty left over for good old strawberries and cream.

Carmela dressed up in her school uniform to eat hers. (This is what home educated children do when their lives don't seem quite grey enough or when they're just tired of the stress of having to choose their own clothes!)

And we had also found some camomile growing around the strawberry fields, so we picked some of that and made some fresh camomile tea, which to my mind was much better and less 'grassy' tasting than the dried version.

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