Saturday, September 18, 2010

Manteca colorada con zurrapa

As an antidote to my healthy desayuno andaluz, I bought some manteca colorada. The literal translation of this is 'red lard' which is a pretty accurate description, as it is pig fat, flavoured with paprika. You can buy it with 'zurrapa', which is pork loin which has been fried in the lard and is then shredded, and you can also buy it plain (manteca colorada), without paprika (manteca blanca) or with whole pieces of pork loin in it (manteca con lomo).

'Colorado' is Spanish for 'red' (as in the Colorado River, whose muddy waters are a reddish brown). Apparently, it is not used in the north of Spain, and a friend of ours, upon being told this, replied in shock, "But how do they say "manteca colorá" then!?" Indeed.

Mediterranean diet
I'm always amused when people talk about the wonders of the Mediterranean diet. Manteca colorada, after all, is the culinary equivalent of asking a heart surgeon to open you up and spread a little cholesterol on your veins. And another popular Spanish breakfast, churros con chocolate, involves frying strips of batter before dipping them in chocolate. We may deep-fry Mars Bars in Scotland, but at least we have the decency to put the batter on the outside.

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Miguel said...

The so called "Mediterranean Diet" was the name that American dietitians gave to the type of cuisine made in the Mediterranean basin, by the late 40's, when most of these countries were poor and people couldn't afford eating meat or pork, so they ate cheap but healthy things like fish, olive oil and grains. It has nothing to do with the current diet of these countries.