Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Desayuno andaluz (Andalucian breakfast)

I don't know when the habit of defining 'typical' breakfasts started, but I suspect it is fairly recent. In addition to the 'full English' you can now get a 'Scottish breakfast' north of the border (which is suspiciously similar to its English cousin, give or take the appearance of a slice of haggis). And bars in Cadiz proudly advertise their 'desayuno andaluz' as if it were some culinary marvel. On closer inspection, it turns out to be a toasted roll with some chopped tomato but it still makes a tasty and healthy breakfast.

toasted bread
2 ripe tomatoes
large slosh of olive oil

Roughly chop the tomatoes, squeeze out some of the excess liquid, and whizz them in a food processor with the olive oil and salt. Transfer to a bowl and serve accompanied by plenty of toast.

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