Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving house (again!)

No new recipes, yet, as I've been in the throes of moving house, again. (I did think about posting the baked beans with chilli, coriander and lemon juice I made yesterday, but I was too hungry to take photos. Maybe next time.) I make this house number five of the last twelve months. As you can imagine, I'm getting a little sick of packing and unpacking boxes and am hoping that the next move we make will be into a flat of our own. In the meantime, I guess one just has to make the best of things, and I shouldn't complain too much as the flat itself is large, in good condition, and bang in the middle of Cadiz. Perhaps inevitably, the kitchen is on the small side, at the end of a long corridor (which keeps me fit, especially when delivering pancakes to the living/dining room) and has an oven which, as yet, doesn't work. (My third broken oven of the last year - is someone doing this on purpose?)

Anyway, my resolution for this year is to be a bit more adventurous with my fish cookery. With kids it's always tempting to go for fillets in order to avoid having to deal with bones. But my kids are now 8 (next week) and 6, and I think they're old enough to cope with the occasional bone or shell. Having watched Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey on DVD last year while stranded in inland Tuscany with no fresh fish available at all, I have now bought a copy of the book of the series, and am planning to cook my way through the Cadiz fish market. A few of the things I fancy trying are:
  • shark vindaloo
  • Singapore chilli crab
  • steamed stuffed squid with sweet chilli sauce
  • squid, mint and coriander salad with roasted rice
  • mussels with cannellini beans.

I'm also hoping to finally get round to using salt cod, and to explore some of the tuna recipes in "El libro del atĂșn y su cocina".

Oven news
I am rather embarrassed to have to admit that, since posting this, my oven has been "fixed". I just turned the little dial from the picture of the crossed out alarm bell to the picture of the hand. I guess these symbols mean "timed cooking off" and "manual" and it only took me two weeks to work it out. No job for me at Bletchley Park, then.

More oven news
My embarrassment has turned to self-righteous anger (or at least smug mild annoyance). It turns out that the oven was indeed broken. When I tried to use it, it kept blowing the fuses for the entire house, which I guess was why it had been left on the "timed cooking off" setting in the first place. Hmm. Particularly annoying as I had a tray of focaccia dough ready and waiting to go.

A friend in need
Fortunately, at this point I remembered our friends, Lesley and Pedro Pablo, who live just round the corner. I gave them a ring and asked if I could "borrow" their oven for half an hour. I love having friends who I can ask for favours of this sort without feeling I am imposing on them. The focaccia came out looking great, and Pedro put on his finest girn to pose with it.


Spillerjzy said...

Hi Tim - start with the salt cod, please. We got given a complimentary and very large piece of it from Eddies and it's been sitting in the freezer ever since, staring back at me, saying 'Cook me'

I keep saying back at it 'I don't know how!'

Jo (Alan's friend from Porty)

Madalen Goiria said...

Hi, Tim nice to have you aprund again,
My favourite dish ever is bacalao al pil-pil. I cook it form salted cod fillets, lots of good olive oil (you can´t beat olive oil from Cadiz) and garlic.
The most importasnt thing is the process of desalting the cod in water.

Good luck in this move.